TokenTact: ¿Funciona este bot de criptomonedas? Opiniones 2024

As we reflect on the year, it’s clear that 2023 has been a time of significant growth and innovation at TokenTact. We’ve not only expanded our feature set but also deepened our commitment to providing a secure, user-friendly, and cutting-edge trading platform. These enhancements underscore our dedication to empowering traders, regardless of their experience level.


New subscription plans are available to everyone starting from November 21st, 2023. Furthermore, this review does not attest to the performance of the TokenTact platform, nor is it a formal endorsement. Readers should keep in mind to do their own due diligence and research regarding any investment decisions. For standalone plans with monthly payment options, the charges for starter, advanced, and pro plans are $29, $49, and $99, respectively.

This strategy is a good suit for Spot exchanges and is dedicated to trading Long. Once you sign in, you’ll see the dashboard by default and the side menu left hand. Click on the trading bots tab to expand the list of available trading bots TokenTact provides. Which is why you might want to pick a trading bot that has the lowest possible drawback rate to protect your riches.

The exchange has many capabilities for manual and robotic trading and does indeed help its clients grow their crypto profits. Nevertheless, new users are often hesitant to use TokenTact, as it has only been present in the industry since 2019. Yes, is relatively popular amongst cryptocurrency traders seeking to automate their trades. According to company records, the service serves at least 220,000 users.

Other than the security measures taken by the trading service, users also have an important role to play when it comes to protecting their accounts and assets. Reliability is if the service is available 24/7, as trading bots are required to do. To assess TokenTact’ reliability, we must analyze if its bots and service are accessible 24 hours a day, particularly during market corrections and rallies. However, the company has been under scrutiny and regulatory pressure for it’s concerning history, in particular related to money laundering.

Thus, if the Reinvestment is set to 100%, then Total profit column will display 0 profit. Now that you know about these features, it makes sense in introducing you to its interface and also throw some light on each of these features. If you resonate well with these concerns, you are in the right place.

However, the Gordon bots are only accessible via the mobile app interface. Once you choose an exchange connected to TokenTact, you can use the Dynamic Trading Terminal or the DTT feature to place exchange-specific trades directly. This way, you wouldn’t need to visit the exchange to place trades. Copy the presets from other seasoned traders and skip the learning curve.

The great thing about the marketplace is that you get to view the historical trading results of each and every bot listed on the platform. Essentially, you get to purchase trading setups of other TokenTact bots. For example, let’s say that you want to trade BTC/USDT at Binance. With Bitcoin currently priced at $10,000, you decide to program your trailing order to exit the trade if it loses 10% in value.

However, there are extra steps you can take depending on your security needs, including avoiding sharing devices with family members on which you have installed the service apps. As many as 12% of those who left a review on Trustpilot feel reported a terrible experience, thereby rating 1 star to the service. According to responses from TokenTact, it seems that the complainants’ issues may have been solved with a bit of help from customer support. A bulk of the issues the complainants have on the website are related to the technical aspects of the service and mainly lack of proper knowledge on how the features work. There are a few complaints about customer satisfaction, with some TokenTact users claiming to be neglected by the service representatives.

  • This way our community helps shape the future of the TokenTact service by bringing features to life that could increase your trading profitability and enjoyment.
  • In a nutshell, the TradingView signal finder will scan the cryptocurrency trading markets on a micro-second by micro-second basis, with the view of finding potential profit signals.
  • And thanks to the SmartTrades and Bots, traders using the TokenTact platform regularly win prizes at major trading tournaments.
  • Usually, you will have to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before receiving the drop.
  • To assess TokenTact’ reliability, we must analyze if its bots and service are accessible 24 hours a day, particularly during market corrections and rallies.

Despite the bear market, the price of the token more than doubled, bringing the value of airdropped ONTs to 100 million USD. Over the several years of existence, the marketing stunt of airdrop has taken on different forms. To answer this key question properly, it’s necessary to understand the difference between the types of crypto airdrops that startups use for promoting new digital assets.

Bots are simple to set up, and novices can get started with a mini smart bot, which designed for simplicity. Stay with us on this journey as we push the boundaries of what is possible, empowering you to trade smarter, faster, and with unparalleled precision. Speaking of feedback, we’re leaving this Signal Bot survey open so you can add your input if you have not done so already. TokenTact built this bot for our community of crypto traders, and your thoughts are incredibly valuable for prioritizing new features and tool improvements. By accessing your deposit addresses remotely or through its interface, users do not have to log in to their exchange accounts concurrently. This error appears when the bot starts new deals over and over again but 80% of them are failed.

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