12 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games for May 2023

These best play-to-earn crypto games are at the forefront of a movement that is not just about entertainment but is also shaping the future of digital finance. The rise of these highest-earning crypto games signals a new era where gaming and earning are no longer mutually exclusive but relatively harmoniously integrated. The concept of crypto games that pay real money is not just a mere fantasy; it’s a reality. These games provide a platform where virtual achievements translate into real-world rewards. Thus, players looking for crypto games to make money have a variety of options to choose from.

  • They also often require you to make an upfront investment in the form of cryptocurrency stored in wallets before you can start playing.
  • Spider Tanks is a PvP brawler play to earn game where players own items that they can collect, trade, upgrade, or mix to create a unique tank build.
  • Splinterlands ($SPS) is a digital trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • As for positive developments between virtual reality and blockchain gaming, soon enough, blockchains could be used to facilitate ownership and trading of virtual real estate.

The game’s native token is Trilium (TLM), which is used for governance, staking, and accessing various features. TLM can be earned by playing the game and can be traded on crypto exchanges or NFT marketplaces. However, before you can start playing, you need to buy a Summoner’s Spellbook for $10, which gives you access to the game’s features and rewards. You also need to have at least 30 cards in your collection, which you can buy from the [marketplace] or rent from other players. P2E games are not only fun and engaging, but also potentially lucrative and empowering. They offer players a new way to monetize their gaming passion and create a passive income stream.

Medland – Game Review

The game has been a particular hit in some countries, particularly in the Philippines, where players have gone from making it a side hustle to a full-time occupation. The crypto gaming ecosystem offers players a way to earn money by playing the games they love. Web3 games can be more secure than traditional games and typically allow players to participate in their governance. However, players must beware of scams, fluctuating asset values, and potential hacks. Additionally, players need a basic understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets to participate in the crypto gaming ecosystem. Created by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, this play-to-earn game is a virtual destination for digital assets.


This intergalactic-themed game was the work of Kieran and Aaron Warwick. Illuvium is so full of thrilling interplanetary encounters that it’s no wonder why many crypto gamers consider it one of the top upcoming crypto games. When a player uses their summoner’s card, the player holding the corresponding monster’s card is summoned to battle. Every card comes from one of the game’s seven environments, called Splinters.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional player, the possibilities are endless, and the rewards are truly limitless. To play Alien Worlds on Android, you need to download the app from the [Google Play Store] and create an account using an email address or a social media account. You also need to have a crypto wallet that supports Wax, which is a blockchain network that Alien Worlds uses to store and trade NFTs. Some of the popular wallets that support Wax are MetaMask, Anchor, and Wax Cloud Wallet. Axie Infinity has a huge and active community of players from all over the world.

This game sticks to the model of building a team of heroes, completing dungeons, and earning resources. To start playing Axie Infinity, you must get three Axies from the Axie Marketplace, which can be a barrier to entry for some people. Securedverse is being developed by Portsea Games, a renowned game development company with a proven track record of creating VR games with diverse features. The team plans to continuously improve the game experience by adding new maps, heroes, and game modes.

Frogs Run: Free-to-Play NFT Runner Game on BNB Chain

The gameplay is designed to be fun and engaging for players of all ages. In “Abeats Hero,” the play-to-earn mechanism enables players to earn rewards by playing the game. This allows players to enjoy the game while also working towards the goal of earning more revenue and realizing the full monetary value of their in-game assets.

The most dedicated players can earn tangible rewards for their creations, while those with artistic inclinations can design and sell collectible items. The potential is immense and game developers are only just getting started. The rarer the kitten, the higher the value it holds (the most expensive Cryptokitten was sold for $172,000). We will go on a trip through the most cutting-edge areas of blockchain innovation as we look at updates from top projects that are changing the way games, NFTs, and metaverses work. You can learn more about the ecosystems in Vulcan Forged, Crypto Unicorns, Champions Arena, Mines of Dalarnia, Sorare, Magic Eden, Aether, and Hytopia. From skill-based battle royales and turn-based RPGs to decentralized gaming infrastructures, each project brings new ideas to the table that change how users interact with games.

Check out the worlds that big names in the industry have made, like “The Sandbox Game” and “Decentraland,” where creativity and cryptocurrency meet. Get ready to level up in December with games that pay you money and are m… https://www.feedinco.com/blog/mastering-online-slots-strategies-and-casinos are games that use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, allowing players to earn rewards and even money. In this article, we will provide you with a beginner’s guide to playing crypto games.

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